Universal, Philips, and Marantz Remote Control Programming & Design

We offer custom remote programming and design services that will move
your Home Entertainment Systems to one, workable remote that can
be easily used by the whole family.

  • Advanced Remote Control Programming Starting at $250
  • One Touch Control of your Home Theater System

Solve Your Remote Control Problem Once and For All!

Universal, Marantz and Philips Remote Control Programming Orange County, CARemote Control Programming Starting at $250
All of our programming is designed to allow any user to operate the system. You simply push a button labeled “Watch Television” and it happens! Everything turns on and switches to the proper settings every time. When you are finished using the system there’s always an “OFF” button right there. Simply press off and the system shuts off. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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  1. We program “Activities” into your remote so you can turn on a range of devices with just one touch
  2. We add custom features like custom channel pages with your name containing the channels you have requested. (see below)
  3. We build a custom Music page that has your favorite music channels
  4. We can accommodate color preferences and an individual title for your home page.
  5. We can include family pictures, pet photos, college logos, team logos or just about anything you can imagine.
  6. We will work with you every way possible to get the result you want.
Gallery of User Interfaces

“I needed to control a room with the usual range of devices (flat panel TV, cable box, surround sound, DVD, VCR, Tuner, etc). The only way to do this simply (and avoid driving your wife into the insane asylum) is to use a single remote. Orange County Home Theater configured our MX 6000 remote and everything is perfectly organized and easy to use, it’s just like using an iPhone!”
– Jeff, OC Home Theater Customer Review

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