Wire Your Home for the Future!

Building a new home? Remodeling? Need help with wiring your home for the future? We are your premier source for home wiring and structured wiring, the first step in building a smart home. Call us today for a free estimate!

  • Save time and money, avoid the hassle of rewiring later on.
  • No reopening of walls and construction to install other jacks

Structured wiring systems have become increasingly popular to meet those consumer demands. These systems often use a Category 5 (or better) cable for voice and data and RG6 coaxial cable for video. Fiber optic cable is also available, but many regard the installation as more difficult and expensive.

Wiring installed in the home may not be the limiting factor in terms of data transfer. While utility and cable companies are constantly upgrading their systems, not all areas of the country may offer high speed internet. Because changing the wiring system in a home after initial construction may be difficult and expensive, planning ahead and installing a better system may be a wise choice.

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